Thursday, May 26, 2011

Today was a weird day...

Some of my meals were phenomenal and some were kinda weird and lame.  It comes from my lack of preparation and my dinner was just thrown together.  It's all good, I'm still sticking to program so I'm just doing my research tonight and trying to figure out some new options for yummy meals that consist of just protein and veggies.

Anywho, here are the eats...

Breakfast: GF oats, cinnamon, stevia, banana, drizzled peanut butter and sprinkling of coconut.  This was a damn good bowl of oats but it didn't help cook me down after my 2 mile run.  So worth it though.

Lunch: Another stir fry of brown rice, broccoli, peas, carrots and 1 tsp tamari.  Very good but same old.

Post workout: Protein Shake

Dinner: RANDOM plate of sun-dried tomatoes, carrots, raw almonds and roasted chickpeas.  I wanted avocado but the one I had was waaaay past prime so I ended up with the almonds.

I'm off to research some super clean meals consisting of either a grain, protein and veggies (lunch) and just protein and veggies (dinner).  All suggestions are totally welcome and appreciated!!


  1. Salad? Is that allowed? You're on a very strict regimen.

  2. LOL! Yes salad is allowed it is one of my 3 staples. I'll probably have it for dinner tomorrow. The strictness comes in really with what I eat at what time of day. All complex carbs are eaten before 3. The gluten free is not by choice lol. I'm definitely going to be roasting up some cauliflower soon, I haven't had it in so long!!