Saturday, June 18, 2011

Move, move, move!

So sorry for the lack of posts over the past few days! I feel like I haven't stopped moving since Thursday!  I had to work a wedding yesterday so the eats were sporadic (yet yummy, I must say) and today I started off my day with an hour of vinyasa yoga followed directly by a training session.  After that I went to work for a few hours then ran errands.  I am finally able to relax and share at least one meal I've had over the past few days.

I haven't been eating nearly enough veggies over the past few days so for dinner I was craving a big ass salad.  I bought a chopped salad with the usual suspects (I need to load up on my produce tomorrow) and topped it with half of an avocado.  It was SO GOOD. It is amazing how somedays I don't want to see a veggie but other times I crave them like crazy.

I ate a super late breakfast (after my almost 2 hour workout) at work so i didn't get a pic but not surprisingly it was oatmeal.  I snacked during the day because my breakfast was more like lunch but the only noteworthy mention was this AMAZING ripe, juicy peach I had.  It was so good, the best peach of the season so much so that I kind of want another :X I guess I could be craving worse things!

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend!


  1. I find it hard to believe you didn't get any veggies in but you sure made up for it with that avocado!
    I love the taste of peaches but I think I have a slight stone fruit allergy. They make my mouth itch a little bit, so I usually stay away unless they look reeeaally delicious.

  2. You are right I did eat veggies but just not the normal quantity I'm used to eating. Yesterday I was only able to get a few veggies in at dinner which was weird for me because I usually eat a very veggie heavy lunch and dinner. That salad really did help though :) That is so sad that you are allergic!! Trust me, you'd totally deal with the itchiness for these, they are amazing. I have a friend that is allergic to pineapple and I just couldn't imagine...although I guess gluten intolerance is an annoying inconvenience as well ;)

  3. How have you been able to get a delicious peach? Didn't even know those existed anymore?

  4. Oh they definitely exist and they are in my fridge! I'm trying not to eat all of them in one day! I love fruit on a hot day!