Friday, June 24, 2011

Z Hotel Launch Party Part 2 - Party Pics

Here are a few fun party shots from the night!

The staff has very unique, casual uniforms: Jeans, converse sneakers and plaid shirts.  I liked it :)

One of the rooftop bars with the view of the bridge in the background.

The owner of the hotel busting out a little dance move. Check out that stunning view in the background!

More dancing.

The ladies bringing it down!

Hope you all enjoyed a few of my shots from the night!


  1. Of course you liked the uniforms, YOU MATCHED THEM!! LOL!!

  2. LOL omg how bad did I want to go up to the one in the black and white plaid and ask him which one of us was going to change because it was embarrassing! ;) Funny times.

  3. You know what would be a cool job? Paparazzi! Chase you down until you love me!