Monday, August 1, 2011

Back in the groove!

So I'm finally back into the groove.  My two week mandatory break from the gym ended today and I headed over there after a crazy ass hail storm!! Where does fist sized hail in the middle of August come from!? Anyway, I had a great workout, it was a little tough my first day back but I'll get back into my routine in no time I'm sure.   I also clearly started to detox, which happens out of my face I've come to realize...I got bright red and my skin actually started to burn! It sucks but those toxins need to escape somehow I suppose.

Anyway, I had a yummy day of eats. Check it.

Breakfast: Big ol' bowl of watermelon.

Midmorning: Iced coffee and a banana.

Lunch: Mediterranean Bento Box! I love this box and I'm so glad I finally got to use it! This one holds spicy eggplant, hummus, dolma, and a big ass carrot. Super yums.

Post workout: Protein shake.

Dinner: Salad that was chopped shortly after this photo was taken.  All the usual suspects present - greens, cucumber, julienned yellow and green squash, chickpeas, broccoli, grilled tofu, shredded carrots and sun dried tomatoes.

Have a great night! Hopefully the rumble of thunder will go away shortly!


  1. Wow! Fist sized hail I get, but that carrot is totally scaring me.

  2. Haha! I typically get baby carrots but these whole organic carrots at Whole Foods looked really good. It was really huge but it was good and slowed down my eating...took me forever to gnaw this thing down!

  3. I love the bento box! I love the idea of little separate compartments..and everything you filled it with looks delicious. I turn BRIGHT red everytime I run - it's pretty embarrassing but you're right; you gotta get it out :)

  4. Thanks! I don't mind turning red, it was the burning skin and the inevitable breakout that is knocking on the door. This is a pretty good lesson to stay clean and keep exercising (though the second half was not my choice!).