Monday, August 1, 2011

Fun Survey!

I just came across this survey on another blog and thought it would be something fun to do :) Here is a little peek at who I am!

Three ways I am still a kid:
1. I love putting my hair in pigtails and braids.
2. I like to make playdates with my friends.
3. Even though we drive each other nuts, my mommy is still my best friend and I tell her pretty much everything.

Three ways I am already old:
1. I am very temperature sensitive.  I get SUPER cold in the winter (to the point where I sit in the studio with a space heater on top of me in a coat, hat, and gloves), and warm in the summer (and also cold when the AC is on too high).
2. My joints ache and crack...I inevitably get at least one really good crack every week at yoga that is loud and clear.
3. I stress a lot and work a lot.

Three things I want to do:
1. Learn how to surf.

2. Travel the world.
3. Eat a mostly raw diet and live a greener life.

Three ways I’m a stereotypical “boy”:

1. While I have some pretty hot shoes/heels, I really hate wearing shoes/heels on a regular basis.  I much prefer flip flops or sneakers.  For example:

These are the sneakers I wore for the reception in the wedding I was in last weekend. They were a HUGE HIT. Everyone LOVED them!

2. I like Muay Thai training as my main form of exercise...and I love watching MMA fights on tv and ideally in person someday.

3. It takes me about 10 minutes to shower and then 20 minutes to get ready.  I can't do the whole 2 hour morning routine.

Three ways I’m a stereotypical “girl”:
1. I love shopping.
2. I am a kick ass baker (if I do say so myself ;])
3. You will rarely see me wearing something other than a skirt or dress in the summer.

Three things I want to try within the next three months:
1. More raw foods.
2. A new hobby..definitely something creative (perhaps jewelry making?)
3. Get outside more and be more active outside of the gym.

Three things I like about myself:
1. I am extremely loyal and extremely honest.
2. I work VERY hard.
3. I treat others with respect.

Three of my everyday essentials:
1. Lots of water and some coffee.

Gotta love an iced soy latte every once in a while over the same old iced coffee ;)

2. Some form of exercise.
3. talking to my friends through whatever medium necessary (mostly text and facebook though)

Three things that scare me:
1. Bugs and snakes :/
2. Losing people close to me.
3. Having people think badly of me.
Had fun with this little survey! Hope to see it on some of your blogs too!


  1. Cute survey AND super cute shoes!! Haha, I'm totally an old lady too - for numerous reasons, but also the temperature sensitive thing.

  2. Thanks! I've had these shoes for a year but for some reason never wore them! This wedding was the perfect occasion and I'll def get a lot of use out of them now. The temp sensitivity is ANNOYING! I look like a crazy lady all bundled up at work lol.

  3. Fun survey! I loved reading your answers. I think the surfing and traveling the world will cancel out some of that overwork and worry!

    I've always considered myself a tomboy, but I think MMA and Thai Muay beat me any day. I do like to watch martial arts sometimes, for a little while, but I don't have anywhere near my hubby's threshold for it.

  4. Thanks! I agree that the surfing and travel will certainly cancel out the overwork and worry, I just need time and funds to get to it! One day...

    Lol Muay Thai and MMA are NOT for the faint of heart. it is pretty intense and you definitely can't get worried about being bruised and sore all the time. At the same time, it is amazing because there is a lot of skill, technique, discipline and power involved and a great way to get out some aggression ;) It is funny when I catch people staring because I'm 5'2 and wear hot pink gloves but I hit the pads like I mean it and everyone is always surprised!

  5. The post title was correct -- the survey was fun.

    So not only did you bake those Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes, you wore purple sneakers? Every day we find out a little more about that wedding. Can't wait till tomorrow. Hope there's a groomsman involved.

  6. Your survey was fun to read - I think I may try it myself! I'm also temperature sensitive - it makes feel like a 75 year old trapped in a 20 something body!

  7. Fun survey for sure! I can totally relate to your "three things I want to do". Those are on my list also! Actually I can relate to a lot...and I so love those sneakers!

  8. Wow thanks ladies!! I'm glad you liked it, I love filling these things out when I'm bored. I feel like you learn really random things about me.

    Shen - LOL unfortunately no groomsmen stories ;)

    Jesse - thanks and def give it a whirl! I love learning about other people.

    Michelle - Thanks! I love these sneakers too and I was just happy to be able to use that surfing pic. It is so beautiful :)