Monday, January 9, 2012

Crazy Sexy Diet Cleanse: Day 1!

Hey everyone! Today was the day I started the Crazy Sexy Diet 21 Day Adventure Cleanse. I am really excited about it, I think I did really well today and I definitely noticed how lovely and colorful all of my meals looked. What I love about this is that it is a great balance of mostly raw, but you still eat some grains and warm food. This makes me happy.

As I stated the other day, my intentions to check my pH were scrapped when I opened an empty box of strips. It is a bit of a bummer because I was curious about it but it's all good. I think that I will be able to tell the difference in how I feel anyway.

So, what did I eat/drink on this first day? I'm pretty happy with how everything came out, check it out!

I started off the day with a glass of water with lemon juice and cayenne as suggested in the book.

Before I get to the meals, I just wanted to show you my awesome skull and crossbones ice cubes! I added them to my smoothie mixture and saw how awesome they were and wanted to share :)

Check out my first green smoothie! The other one or two green smoothies I posted on here were only green because of the protein powder. This one is legit! I made this "Limeade" Smoothie. It has spinach, avocado, cucumber, limes, ice, cinnamon and stevia. It was really good but was quite sour because I didn't put in enough stevia. I definitely enjoyed it enough to make it again, but I will definitely add more stevia. Also, if you decide to make it, make sure you don't skip the was such a great addition!

After the smoothie I had a big cup of green tea.

It is suggested that you hold off on solid food until noon in the book so I consumed only liquids until then when I ate these really yummy blackberries.

I was surprised that I wasn't on the floor with hunger pangs by the time lunch rolled around but I was definitely ready to eat. I decided to have a slice of millet toast with hummus, cucumber and tomato with a carrot and some VERY lightly steamed broccoli sprinkled with nooch. I am not a fan of raw broccoli so I have to steam it just a little.

Before the gym I snacked on some raw almonds that I put in my teeny little measuring bowl. It holds a little less than 1/4 cup. I love raw almonds.

After the gym I made a quick protein shake. The usual mixture, nothing crazy.

To be honest I've consumed so much liquid today I'm not hungry at all for dinner. I'll probably make myself a salad in an hour just to get that last meal in at least 3 hours before bed time.

So at the end of day one I feel pretty good. I didn't get a headache which was what made me the most nervous.  The only thing is that I feel really tired from the lack of caffeine but that may end up being a good thing because it may actually help solve some of my sleeping problems I tend to have. We shall see.

Overall I think it has been a very colorful and nutritious day! I'm feeling pretty good and I have a very good outlook on the rest of this cleanse :)

Stay tuned!


  1. I don't know what I was expecting, but this cleanse doesn't look scary at all. It looks pretty doable! Your green smoothie looks good (especially in the cute pink cup). Now I need to get Crazy Sexy Diet.

  2. Yes! I'm really tired too, and I don't even drink that much coffee. Plus I had tea! Great that you seem to have weaned yrself off of it well.
    The skull ice cubes are awesome! I've seen the molds around but I never thought they'd come out so well defined.
    The smoothie sounds great but lunch looks even better

  3. hats off to you new years cleanse folks, i wouldn't last a day. those skull ice cubes are SWEET!

  4. Sage - It isn't scary at all, definitely doable! I have a hard time with all raw but she suggests about 80% raw which I think is definitely doable. I definitely recommend the book and the green smoothie was good!

    FF - I know the fatigue is probably the only rough part of it I've experienced so far. I had some green tea too which was strategic on my part and I'm sure the little bit of caffeine helped me avoid the headache. Lunch was definitely the highlight of the day. All of my favs piled on a plate!

    Sara - Thanks! The ice cubes are awesome that's why I had to share! They made me smile when I popped them out of the mold :)

  5. Woo hoo for cute ice cubes! I love tart flavors, so I probably would enjoy this smoothie recipe. I've had liquid mornings lately, and you're right - they really fill you up!

    I love coffee, and it's in my DNA (being part Swedish and all), so I limit it to once a day. However, after seeing "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" (I read the series), Swedes drink tons of coffee. And now I want to go to Sweden.

    Anyhoo - what a great first day! So glad it's gone really well thus far!! :)

  6. Pretty pics. Love the Tomato slice. Good luck cleansing your filthy self!

  7. Lovely colorful day of food! You're off to a great start! :)

  8. Ingrid - You should definitely give the smoothie a try! Just add enough sweetener :) I love coffee too, it is by far the hardest thing for me to give up. I know that I'll enjoy it once in a while after a treat once this is over, but I know that I can't go back to drinking multiple cups every day.

    Shen - Thanks! Ha! I'm certainly trying!

    Thanks Rose!

  9. Your ice cubes are too cute! :)
    I love the look of your day, I'd wish you luck with your cleanse but judging by this you're going to be just fine!
    I'd go back and complain about your pH strips if I was you, that's just wrong! & if they care about their customers at all they'll give you another pack. I think it's worth a try anyway.
    Hope your cleanse fills you with energy. All the best xxx

  10. Cutest ice cubes ever!! And the only way I find raw broccoli palatable is to chop it very small, kind of like grating raw carrot or beet into salads. Congrats on going without caffeine, and I hope the 21 days go well for you!

  11. Claire - Thanks :) I thought I'd be fine too but I woke up feeling SICK. Like bad sick. I am assuming it is caffeine withdrawal but it is bad enough to have me rethink this cleanse. Oy.

    Allysia - Thanks! Yes I do the same with broccoli if I'm going to eat it raw. The caffeine withdrawal has hit me and it is terrible. I hope this passes soon.