Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday Sunday Sunday!

Well everyone, this is it. My last day before starting the Crazy Sexy Adventure Cleanse for 21 days and possibly adopting a new lifestyle. They say it takes 3 weeks to create new habits so maybe this cleanse is exactly what I need to get in the wellness game for good.

As planned I started off my day shopping for groceries and also a water filter. I know I know, I should have had a water filter all along, but it just was never something I really gave much thought to. I decided that if I was going to do this cleanse I needed to really dive in which mean getting a filter.

I didn't take a picture of my groceries because I was a little overwhelmed by them! First, it was really great, about 70% of my groceries were green :) I expected my bill to be HUGE but it was pretty much exactly the same as my regular shopping. The only difference is I walked out with twice as much stuff. Go figure!

Since I didn't take a pic, I figured I'd list out what I got so you can get an idea of my haul (everything organic):
4 stalks of broccoli, 1 bunch green swiss chard, 1 container mesclun greens, 1 huge container of baby spinach, 8 carrots, 4 zucchini, 3 english cucumbers, 2 avocados, 7 carrots, 1 lg bunch basil, 7 limes, 3 lemons, 3 heads garlic (small), 1 package shiitake mushrooms, 4 pears, raw agave, toasted sesame oil and a small container of mellow white miso.

Yeah, that's a lot of produce! I can't wait to cram it in my face ;)

So, now that you have a little peek of what's to come, let's check out what I ate on this last day before my cleanse:

For breakfast I had two of my Carrot Cake Pancakes and a banana.

For lunch I finished the last of my veggie soup and blurred out in the background is a slice of millet toast with mashed avocado. This was a really great meal.

For an afternoon snack I had my Cashew Cranberry Orange Zing Bar and decided to try some herbal tea. The lovely Isobelle included some Sweet and Spicy Herbal Tea in my Vegan Care Package and for some reason I forgot about it until now. I know herbal teas are good for you so I decided to give this one a try. OMG it is so good! It is certainly sweet and certainly spicy so drinking it straight up was perfect. I feel like if I added almond milk it would make a lovely chai latte substitute. Hmmm, I like the sound of that! The Zing bar also had a nice flavor...a nice citrus punch and it is much lighter than the rich chocolate coconut flavor. It also has a lovely texture from brown rice crisps that they add. It is very good but I'd probably favor the Chocolate Coconut over this one.

For dinner I had my leftover moo shoo veggies. Very delicious.

OK everyone, that's all I've got. Starting tomorrow it's alkaline city. I'm actually really excited about it, and I hope that it'll help me stay healthy and heal quickly. I'm always sore after workouts for longer than I should be and it takes me forever to heal from cuts and bruises. I have 3 bruises that are a week and a half old on my arm that still have a few days left. Totally ridiculous.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. I'll check in tomorrow with my Day 1 eats. Expect a lot of green ;)


  1. Your grocery haul sounds amazing - and green! :) So excited to see what you put in your first smoothie!

    I used to bruise easily, and then someone mentioned vitamin k. Luckily, K is in a lot of greens, like spinach - which you'll be having plenty of soon!

  2. Your Sunday eats look yummy! Good luck on the cleanse; sounds like you're all stocked up and ready. I hope it helps with the bruises and healing...also will interesting to see how the Ph tests range from the start and then after 21 days.

  3. How much cleaner can you go???? I feel so filthy in comparison!

  4. I'm glad to hear that you are doing this cleanse! I don't think I have mentioned on my blog, but I read the book ages ago and now I eat 80% raw and drink green juices almost every morning. I love how the book focuses on overall health rather than weight loss, too.
    You'll really notice a difference after the second week!

    Oh, and I'm happy that you like the tea!

  5. Ingrid - I was pretty stoked when I got home and saw all of the gorgeous produce on the table. I have a special green smoothie planned for tomorrow, it is different from any green smoothie I've seen. I came across the recipe on a blog and I can't wait to try it. And thanks for the info, hopefully the greens will help with the crazy bruising!

    Rose - Thanks! Unfortunately there will be no pH testing bc the box of pH strips was empty when I got home and I can't really see spending the extra money on it right now. I'm just going to have to see how I feel over the three weeks.

    Shen - I can definitely get cleaner. The coffee is definitely something that has to go. Processed foods still sneak in and I've been wanting to add more greens to my diet anyway. Im hoping it will provide balance...I think my diet is quite grain and fruit heavy.

    Isobelle - I'm so happy to read this! I also love the focus on health because it is so important. I'm very excited and now I'll have to come bother you if I hit a roadblock and need recipe inspiration ;) And I loved the tea!

  6. That grocery haul sounds wonderful. I will be very interested to read the details of your cleanse. I'm sorry but I can't promise to not post pictures of treats, but I'll try not overdo it. Have a great week!

  7. Love the fun of coming home with a huge bag of fresh, green groceries. I can't wait to see the pics of yr meals.

  8. Miss Rachel - I'll have to live vicariously through you!

    FF - Can't wait to show you!

  9. "I can't wait to cram it in my face." Haha, that's how I feel after every trip to the grocery store!

    Good luck on your cleanse!

  10. wow! it all looks really delish! carrot cake pancakes sound super exciting! what a good idea!