Saturday, January 7, 2012

Saturday R & R Success!

Hey everyone! Hope you all enjoyed your Saturday. I certainly did. I got my bum up at 7:30 to make sure I was at the gym at 8. I did an hour of cardio, showered, made some breakfast then hunkered down. I read through Crazy Sexy Diet (I'm a very fast reader) and it is amazing. I'm so excited about this cleanse. I made a shopping list which I'll do at the crack of dawn tomorrow. I have a feeling this is going to be an expensive cleanse but my health is worth it. I also figure that what I spend at the store will be balanced out by what I won't be spending on coffee and meals out.

So lets check out the food from today.

After the gym I had a brown rice tortilla, spicy ff refried beans, avocado and a banana. Very delicious and really filling. I also had a half of a cup of coffee. Hopefully by Monday I'll be ok without it.

Breakfast was so filling that I wasn't really hungry for lunch. I just had some stuffed grape leaves with hummus. Really yummy.

For dinner I had some moo shoo vegetables (make sure you check the sauce and specify no egg!). I love this dish because it is all veggies and the cabbage mimicks noodles. It is actually one of the better options you have when eating Chinese food, again, just make sure you specify your vegan adjustments.

I had snacked on some almonds between lunch and dinner. I'll probably have some clementines for dessert. That's just how I roll.

Have a good night! I'll try and post my inevitably green haul from Whole Foods tomorrow.

*Edited to Add* I just opened the pH strips I bought only to find that the box was empty. I thought it was light but I also thought that test strips weren't that heavy. I'm really pissed because I spent $20 on them and it's not like the store would believe me if I called them and told them the box was empty. That $20 should have gone toward groceries so I'm really upset by this because I'm already low on funds right now. I am just going to have to start spending more time at work I guess. Sigh.


  1. Oh that sucks about the Ph strips! That happened to me once and I was both embarrassed and disappointed. maybe you could try to bring them back? But relax, that's part of the cleanse too, right?
    Breakfast looks great. What do you add to the beans to make them spicy?

  2. Yes it is part of the cleanse. You are very wise :) After I ranted I actually decided to just let it go and I'm cleaning right now and it is actually relaxing me. Go figure. It's just money, I'll figure it out. I've been planning on doing a spending strike anyway... The breakfast was delicious. The refried beans come spicy, they have jalapenos chopped up in there. They add a great kick. I've also added a ton of black pepper to regular refried beans before to give it a little punch.

  3. Just go back to the drugstore and shoplift another box of ph strips.

  4. Ha, I feel like that probably wouldn't be the way to go. It is what it is. Next time I check the box!

  5. Grrr. . so frustrating about the box! I totally feel your pain, budgeting and then being thrown a curve ball - I've actually experienced something similar recently. Here's to hoping that luck chooses to smile on you soon!

    I am super excited to see what you have during the cleanse! I really like the daily affirmations, and what not, that she includes throughout the 21 day schedule.

    BUT, when you're ready - you need to enter the Valentine's Day Bake Off over at Fork & Beans!!! I know you'd win :)

  6. Breakfast looks good! I love anything in a quesadilla, especially if avo is involved. Too bad about the pH strips. I would try to take them back. You might be surprised. Maybe you're not the only one who had this happen? Also, calling the company that makes them might work too. They'd probably appreciate the feedback and maybe they'll send you a new box. Looking forward to seeing what you got for your cleanse! Happy shopping :)

  7. Yarg about the pH strips!! Hate it when stuff like that happens. Hopefully your veggie-filled shopping trip cheers you up - it always makes me feel better!

  8. Ingrid - You are too sweet, you always say the nicest things :) I'm really excited about this cleanse too. I have some great meals planned (which may include the avocado pasta you've been eating!) and weaning off of coffee seems to be going well so far. That is so cool I didn't even know about the bakeoff! I'll see if I can pull something together in time.

    Nikki - Thanks! It is such a simple quesadilla but it is so good. The shopping went really well but I was so overwhelmed by my groceries I didn't take a pic. I'll include my shopping list in my post though :)

    Allysia - It definitely cheered me up! I'm glad green is one of my favorite colors because I saw A LOT of it in my cart :)