Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy Friday!

Hey everyone!! We made it through another work week. I'm very excited for my mostly shut in weekend coming up. I say mostly because I'll still go to the gym tomorrow morning but after that, it's hibernation time! Very stoked.

Let's check out my Friday eats!

For breakfast I had some Carrot Cake Pancakes I made the other day. I put all the leftovers in the freezer so I'll eat it probably one more time before the cleanse and then I'll save the rest of a treat after. Served them up with an last one! I've read that lemon, lime and grapefruit, although acidic, actually have an alkalizing effect on the body. No word on oranges though. Anyone know?

Here is an Instagram pic of my midmorning snack. I'm trying to be smart this time and I'm weaning myself off of the coffee rather than going cold turkey. I had a small coffee (half regular half decaf) and a pear. Hopefully three days of weaning will be good enough because that is what makes me the most nervous!

My lunch was very random but consisted of exactly what I wanted so I had a slice of gf millet toast with avocado and some stuffed grape leaves with hummus. Very delicious!

After lunch I decided to do my nails. I don't paint them often enough at all and I got tired of looking at naked nails. I would say 7 out of 10 times I paint them I end up taking the polish off because I become too impatient to let them dry and mess them up. This time they survived! The color looks a little more red in the bottle and brown on but I still like the way it looks :)

After my nails dried I decided to have a Zing Protein Bar in the Chocolate Coconut flavor. It was really really delicious. It tasted like a candy bar and not a protein bar. This is the perfect alternative to the Vega Protein Bar since it is the same exact flavor and I can NEVER find the Vega Bar. Yum! I'll have to remember this as an occasional treat after my cleanse. 

Dinner was another bowl of that delicious soup from last night. I switched bowls so you could tell I took a new pic ;) Just as delicious tonight! One serving left...will I eat it tomorrow or Sunday? Riveting cliffhanger, I'm sure.

I have only read a few parts of Crazy Sexy Diet (I plan on reading it through this weekend) and I'm completely inspired. Her story is amazing and really truly inspiring. I know that green smoothies are going to be my breakfast for the 21 days so I've been looking up alkaline green smoothie recipes and collecting them so I can have a little variety over the three weeks. It is going to be difficult for me to drink my breakfast for 21 days so I figured as long as I have a little variety it'll be a little easier. I'll share the recipes as I try them. I found a few that sound really good so I'm excited to try them. I'll probably stick to spinach as my greens of choice but maybe I'll be bold enough to try kale eventually.

I should be back to check in throughout the weekend! I hope you all have a really lovely weekend. I plan on resting and cleaning....then resting again ;) Enjoy!


  1. It all looks delicious! Love the nails, as well! I go through phases where I paint them frequently, then don't for awhile.

    Her story is definitely inspiring! In terms of greens, I read that switching your greens is ideal or mixing them. Spinach is always my favorite, but arugula and chard are good, too. Any softer green breaks down nicely - thus, kale never breaks down well in my blender. This is where we all win the juicer-lottery or a Vitamix sweepstakes, and it'll be no problem! :)

  2. I don't know about oranges being alkalizing/acidic but I do know that they're pretty high in sugar so they're probably more of a treat? I scoff at that rule though...
    The soup looks great. I missed it yesterday, what kind is it?

  3. The carrot cake pancakes look awesome. I know a few people starting the Crazy Sexy cleanse this month. I've been having green smoothies for breakfast and after adjusting to drinking my meal I've noticed that it makes me feel pretty awesome. Looking forward to seeing what flavor combinations you end up making.

  4. I'm pretty sure that all citrus fruit has an alkalizing effect on the body, including oranges, limes, etc. Good luck weaning off coffee...I quit cold turkey a couple years back, but the smell still gets me sometimes. And kale is awesome in green smoothies, I don't find it offensive or strong at all! Have fun with the r&r! :)

  5. Ingrid - Thanks!! And thank you for the advice! I'll try switching up spinach with some chard for the first week. After I get used to the green smoothie for breakfast I'll try using a little kale...maybe in the second week? Should be interesting for sure! In my dream kitchen I'd have a Vitamix, a juicer and a dehydrator. A girl can dream!

    FF - Yeah she suggests low glycemic fruits as a snack so i'll probably stay away from them for the 3 weeks. Oh well. The soup is just a thick veggie soup. I'm talking TONS of veggies. I love it :)

    Nikki - That is so great to hear! I've heard that green smoothies provide amazing energy and I'm hoping that I'll feel the effects of an alkaline diet because I've been feeling majorly yucky lately. I hope I can adjust to the liquids until lunch!

    Allysia - The coffee is going to be the most difficult for me to give up. I'll probably have it once in a while after this...maybe once a month or so but I know it isn't good for me and needs to go. I plan on experimenting with kale down the road but I'll still probably start with spinach :)

  6. I've never had a green smoothie, and I'm not really sure what would go in it. I seem to get hungrier when I have a smoothie (PB and banana) for breakfast. Maybe I'm making them wrong or maybe my body just wants solid food.

    I love your nails! I rarely paint my nails but I wish I did.

  7. Sage - I found a few recipes for alkaline green smoothies to try out. I'll link to the recipes when I post them :) And thanks! I was a bit undecided when I painted them but the more I look at them the more I like the color.

  8. Hey wow! I just left a comment, hit 'publish' and poof! It disappeared! I BELIEVE! I BELIEVE!!!!

  9. I can't tell if that is sarcasm or not but I really do comment and they really do disappear! I promise!