Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Really Good Food Day and Farmer's Market!

Today has been a busy day and it is only noon! My mom was nice enough to lend me her car for the day since I get out of work at 9 pm.  I dropped her off at work then popped over the the farmer's market that is about 3 minutes from her office.  It was raining so I was in and out but everything looked gorgeous! I try not to overbuy because I'm afraid of waste, but I did get a few things!

I bought 4 honeycrisp apples, a bag of green beans, a couple heads of broccoli and some tomatoes (maybe for some more avocado/tomato goodness?!).

I put that honeycrisp apple to work for breakfast. Sliced one up, slathered with peanut butter, sprinkled a few raisins on half of it and cinnamon all over.

After breakfast I did a trampoline workout followed by a quick 15 minutes of yoga to stretch out the tightness and soreness.

After my shower I snacked on a banana and a cup of coffee in my awesome Mazel mug :)

Lunch will be eaten right after I finish this post: a rice bowl with brown rice, roasted cauliflower, roasted chickpeas and sun-dried tomatoes. Return of my favorite bowl!

Dinner tonight is all packed up and ready to go! I roasted those green beans I got this morning and packed some up with sesame tofu and a big ass carrot that I cut up.

I feel great now that I'm back on track! Now it is time for lunch and then I have to get all of my treats ready to take to the post office. Have a great day everyone!


  1. oh yum....great farmers market buys!
    I've never had honeycrisp apples though. They sure sound good! I love PB on apples. :o)
    Your rice bowl looks great too. I've never roasted cauliflower either, but I guess that's because I've never been a big fan of it. I think I may need to try it though, since my taste has changed over the last year.
    Hope you have a great day at work!

  2. Great idea to roast the green beans! I never think of that. Everything looks delicious, especially the bowl.

  3. I love farmer's markets! How do you roast your veggies? I tend to make a mixture of olive oil, finely chopped garlic, and herbs de provence (sp?). All of the meals look delicious! Glad you are feeling well, and able to do activity.

  4. Michelle - Thanks! If you can get them def try honeycrisp apples. They are super sweet and crispy (as the name would suggest). Cauliflower tastes so good roasted, I never liked it then I roasted it and now I LOVE it. Def give it a try too!

    FF - THanks! I love roasting my veggies, which is part of the reason I love fall so much.

    Ingrid - I use a little cooking spray so the seasonings will stick and I use garlic, pepper and nutritional yeast. It's a pretty good, foolproof combo. Thanks it feels good to be moving again...a bit slower because I'm still sore but you can only sit around for so long!

  5. Love Andy Cohen's Mazel Of The Week.

    Thank goodness the post office is still in business!

  6. Haha Shen I'm a total Bravo junkie!! I agree, it would be a long drive to make these deliveries! ;)